If you are a Water Professional, we think that you will love what we sell. We are XiO, and our passion is helping our customers reliably deliver the best water at the lowest price.  And save water while doing it!

We bring world-class monitoring and control technology to any size water system, whether you have 5 or 50,000 hookups.

With XiO’s low-cost solution, you can use your smartphone to quickly tell that everything is OK at your facility.  But if you don’t look, it will tell you that there may be a problem.  Always on, always watching so that you can finally take a break from what some people liken to running a chicken farm!

Get your life back with an XiO System.Screen Shot 2015-02-02 at 9.45.00 PM

You can do Remote Control with that same smartphone.  Securely, with an audit trail, using the same technology as banks.

At XiO, we are also passionate about better control systems.  We have invented the XiO Cloud SCADA® control system.  When you install your XiO Cloud SCADA Control System, you will be joining a rapidly growing group of small water systems in California, the U.S. and beyond.  You will join a group who will probably tell you that it was the best decision of their water career.

You are cordially invited to come and see just how dramatically better than the old technology our XiO Cloud Automation works, and share our passion in building the best Water Systems in the world: the best can cost the least.  Please read about the XiO Cloud SCADA control system.

Cloud Based SCADA

Comparing XiO’s Cloud SCADA® control system with old SCADA is like comparing apples and oranges.

We will try not to use too may buzz words, but XiO’s technology has to be compared to the old way, that is full of acronyms.  You will hear of SCADA, or Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition.  The old technology has PLC’s, DCS’s, RTU’s, PC’s and lots of software products.

With XiO, however, you receive our simple, low-cost Field Installable Unit (FIU), the elegant, pre-engineered solution that is delivered to you ready for you and a licensed electrician to install.  For less than 10% of the cost of the old technology.  XiO’s Cloud SCADA control system is real, and we hope that our passion is infectious!

“I have become accustomed to being able to pick up my smartphone or go to my desk and in a minute know that everything is OK.”
                         — XiO Customer in Geyserville, California